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30 size helicopter systems now available!

With prices starting at $499.95 these quality systems are not only affordable, but extremely flexible as well. Find out more here.

To our knowledge, BOLAR is the only company designing turnkey, fully aerobatic, 
vibration isolated video camera systems for the R/C helicopter hobby industry! 

And it doesn't stop with helicopters ..... see it all right here!

??? neuro-circuits ???

Bolar Heli Research and Heli-View are currently assisting a company called Neural Robotics, Inc. in developing neurological software which will allow autonomous flight for RPV helicopters. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, the project is being headed by a very talented and dedicated young man named Mike Fouche. Mike, an aerospace engineer, has chosen an innovative approach in developing an autonomous control system, choosing to rely 100 % on neurological controllers (something that many 'experts' felt could not be done). Neurological software is software that actually learns and is capable of making 'intelligent' decisions.

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