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This is what some of our customers have to say:

I always wanted to get into R/C helicopters, but didn't know where to turn for good information. I went to a local hobby shop and, me being me, started asking allot of questions. I was disappointed to find that a hobby shop that sells R/C helicopters was unable to answer many of them. The owner of the shop, obviously frustrated with all the questions, referred me to Bolar Heli Research for the answers. When I met Larry Smith, I was really impressed. He gave detailed answers to all my questions and answers to a hundred other questions I never even thought of! He really knows his stuff! After a long discussion, he suggested a machine he felt was right for me. And I couldn't beat his prices anywhere, not even mail order! Not to mention the excellent service I have received. I went from never flying ANYTHING to starting my own business called Heli-View - Low Altitude RPV Aerial Photography..... and this is how I make my living today! I can truly say that there is no way I could have accomplished this in the short time it has taken, if at all, without Bolar.

Larry Kuhn

I have worked with Larry Smith for over 3 years. He has built and delivered to us four helicopters for various autonomous helicopter projects. The first year we were in close proximity which facilitated quick access to his services. After this, I moved to another part of the country while continuing the same type of work. At first I was concerned that the distance would make our working relationship more difficult. On the contrary, Larry was always available for telephone discussions. He also sent me required parts overnight when I needed them and repaired one of our helicopters in a very short time. Larry is extremely knowledgeable and very meticulous in his work, which is why all of our helicopters have performed incredibly well during development (flight testing under rigorous conditions) with minimal maintenance. In addition, his attention to customer service and enthusiasm for whatever project the customer is working make him one of a kind.

Our intentions are to convince Larry not to retire even when he gets the itch. He is irreplaceable.

Mike Fouche, bd Systems Inc.

Control Dynamics Division

Huntsville, Alabama


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