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pod & boom

BOLAR produces complete ready to fly scale and pod and boom helicopters from several manufactures. Each helicopter includes all equipment, engine, exhaust, and gyro and is toped off with a freshly painted or trimmed canopy. Each helicopter is carefully assembled by a handful of highly experienced personal who truly care about you and your machine and the service they provide. After professional assembly, all machines are test flown, trimmed and then carefully packaged, fully assembled, in BOLAR's custom crates. Once your new helicopter arrives you need only charge the batteries, fuel-up, unfold the blades and you're ready to experience the thrill of flying! Or, if you prefer, you can take delivery of your new heli at BOLAR's research and development headquarters, located in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. While there, Larry Smith will be glad to spend time acquainting you with your new machine. And if you need flight instruction you'll be happy to know that there is no charge for this service with the purchase of any assembled heli!

All the best in radios, servos, gyros and more. Highly skilled in the field of electronics, including the newest computer radios, servos and gyros, BOLAR's staff takes the mystery out of programming your radio and gyro by explaining exactly how it's done and why. They'll even show you a few tricks that some of the pros aren't aware of.
Having extensively tested all the popular engines, BOLAR can advise which engine is right for your machine ..... and why.
Whether you're ready to upgrade, or replacing crash parts, BOLAR is ready with all of the hottest accessories and factory replacement parts to keep you flying high!


Ever wonder what it would be like if you could see what your model sees??? Well now you can! BOLAR produces turnkey video systems and components for many types of models and other uses as well. Put a camera on you heli, plane, blimp ..... or on your cat for that matter ..... and see what it's like from a whole new perspective!!! DON'T MISS THIS PAGE!

custom [description coming]

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