HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THE BEGINNING PILOT, professional flight instruction WILL SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY and make your introduction to R/C helicopters fun and safe.



All too often, beginners are steered the wrong way by those who do not properly understand the theory behind R/C helicopters, or are poor teachers. Unfortunately, this often leads to unnecessary expenses and even termination of this fantastic hobby. BOLAR HELI RESEARCH has been actively involved in the R/C industry for over 40 years and has the knowledge and ability to prepare the beginning or novice pilot for a long and rewarding experience in R/C helicopters.

FREE with the purchase of any helicopter, BOLAR offers a 'crash course' (pardon the pun) in flight instruction on a one on one basis, packed full of theory and hands on training. This free course combines theory and hands on training and deals primarily with hover. Pilots are encouraged to spend the weekend at BOLAR's research and development center while training.


An affordable advanced training program is also available for the beginning or intermediate pilot wishing to brush up on their technique.

Larry Smith of BOLAR HELI RESEARCH prefers to issue all training programs at their research and development center in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, however it is possible to make arrangements to train at the clients location. 

The beginner course, free with the purchase of any new heli, is available at BOLAR's headquarters only. If wishing to train at BOLAR's location, it may be possible to lodge there thus saving you additional lodging expenses.

There is much to see and do in and around Lehighton, including white water rafting, hiking, fishing, boating and more. Old anthracite mining towns lie near-by, ready to teach visitors about the history of the deep anthracite coal mines, which are abundant in central Pennsylvania. There are great meals to be sampled at several local restaurants. Lodging is also readily available.



Hov 101 - Lecture / demo: Basic systems of control, what to expect, how to control, theory.

Hov 102 - Practical exercise (PE): Hover, balancing, hops, hold over point, theory.

Hov 103 - PE: Hover over point - extended, move left and return, move right and return, move forward and return, move rearward and return, slow forward flight - figure 8, theory.

Duration of the HOVER course is 5 days.


Trans 201 - Demo / PE: Moving left and right; hover tail in and move left of point then right of point, gradually use tail rotor commands to cause nose to point in the direction of travel, theory.

Trans 202 - Demo / PE: Circle flying; fly circles to the left around pilots position, progress to concentric circles of greater distance and height, theory.

Trans 203 - Demo / PE: Oval flight; from circles add straight lines, right doglegs, beginning auto-rotations, theory.

Duration of the TRANSITION course is 5 days.


FF 301- Demo / PE: High speed flight, high altitude flight, controlled auto-rotations, theory.

FF 302 - Demo / PE: Tail rotor induced pirouettes to left and right, theory.

FF 303 - Demo / PE: Combine learned skills into extended and smooth flight, theory.

Duration of the FAST FORWARD FLIGHT COURSE is 2 days.


AH 401 - Demo / PE: Hover at high altitude, theory.

Duration of the ADVANCED HOVER course is 1 day.

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